How to use the care kits

Please refer to this infomration before using your Care Kit.

Fabric care cleaner, Multi Purpose spot remover

The Multi Purpose Spot Remover product is a gentle and effective cleaner to use on most fabrics. However, before using this product, be sure to test in an inconspicuous fabric location to determine any likelihood of damage, fading or other potential problems. Apply this product only as directed (see instructions printed on bottle). To avoid watermarks after use, be sure to dry area with a hair dryer on a low cool setting.

Daily care for your furniture

Everyday soiling can still accumulate on fabric. by usig your care kit, your fabric will clean much easier, and will return to almost showroom condition after professional removal of soil deposits.

Cleaning spills

Permanent stains may occur if not handled correctly.

For liquid spills:

1. Blot. DO NOT RUB - Blot lightly with a dry whit e paper towel to start; increase pressure on stain and use fresh paper towel until no moreliquid absorbs.

For solid or Semi Solid spills:

2. Genty scoop - if you have a spill which is thick, gently scoop as much of the spill witha spoon towards the centre of the stain. Treat any liquid residue as a liquid spill. Blot with a white absorbant towel. Use a damp cloth and flush with water. Dry wet area with abosirbant towel.

For Dry Spills

3. Vacuum - Adding any liquid to a normall dry substance may cause a mess and / or permanent stain. Vacuum or gently wipe the area with a clean white cloth.

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